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Below are just a small selection of the testimonials and thank you letters that we have received from job seeker members over the years...

Our entire purpose is to get more of these. We hope to be getting one from you soon too !

Previous Location:

Current Location: Cayman Islands
Job in the Sun Staff,

In the spring of 2003 my wife decided to pursue her medical degree at St. Matthews University on Grand Cayman Island. With just a few months to find a job, plan the move and relocate to the island we were really pressed for time. I immediately hit the internet in search of information and jobs.

After a few minutes of searching I stumbled onto the forum at Job in the Sun. Right away I was impressed with the fact that there was an already established community of people in different stages of relocation posting and answering the same types of questions that I had. Moreover, the management contributed to the dialog when they had something helpful to add based on their own experiences. I was hooked and jumped in with both feet. In no time at all I had researched most of what I needed to know and had found a job all through the Job in the Sun site. I cannot express my gratitude to Job in the Sun enough for giving me the opportunity, environment and job selection I needed to successfully relocate to Grand Cayman.

Thank you.

Brian Hamilton

Previous Location: Canada

Current Location: Cayman Islands
After many years working in a cube in the states, I got fed up with the 80+ hour work weeks, commutes, etc. So I quit before looking for another job. I always wanted to go back to university, so I signed up to start in the Winter of 2004. One night I was surfing the net, and somehow I came across JITS. Then the idea of moving down to the Caribbean just spawns an idea to leave North America. It was something that I always wanted to do, just never had the time to do it (or even think it).

So I signed up, applied to a bunch of jobs (really, the only one that was of interest was the first one), and after a month I had that job. It was quite painless and really quick when it happened. JITS offers a tremendous amount of information to help with all aspects of moving and job searching to the Caribbean. With out a doubt I owe a lot to JITS for having such a helpful site to make the transition quick and easy. From the forums to meet people to the massive amounts of information in numerous categories. JITS offers a complete solution to moving to the Caribbean.

Kris Dunnettt

Previous Location:

Current Location: Cayman Islands
Just wanted to pop a wee note on to say what a fabulous site you have here. It is by far the most informative and helpful site I've come across and definitely the friendliest!! I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a position in GC already, within just 2 weeks of registering on your site. I am over the moon at how quickly things have moved along and can't wait to get over to the island. Good luck to everyone else on the job-hunt - fingers crossed for you. Hopefully I will get to meet all the other successful JITS members on the island in a few months.

Thank you so much JITS.

Sharon MacIvor

Previous Location:

Current Location: Bermuda
I got a job in Bermuda as a Chef de Partie at a large Hotel there. The hotel is part of chain and they also have hotels in Malaysia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and all sorts of places like that - so the oppurtunity for travel is endless if I do a good job (which of course, I will!).

I applied for the job through THIS WEBSITE! Thank you to everyone for their good support and advice.

Thanks JobintheSun !!

Hollis McCallum

Previous Location:

Current Location: Cayman Islands
I am writing this as my last task on Canadian soil! I leave TONIGHT for my move TO the CAYMAN ISLANDS!!!

I am absolutely thrilled that my dream of moving to the Caribbean is coming true - thanks to existing and the amazingly helpful staff, moderators and forum friends. Without your solid advice, coaching, airport greeting, job leads, and fab support of other members, I would never be doing this.

You guys rock! I have gotten loads of info and support from JITS and the level of support has increased as I have become friends with other members.

Dolores Wollbaum

Previous Location:

Current Location: Cayman Islands
Thank you, to the team... You have done a fantastic job helping me to chase down leads & contacts, have provided constructive criticism with regard to my job seeking approach, and have given more tips than I can count.

...and now I have my Job in the Sun !! For service above and beyond the call of duty... delivers !

Ross Berube

Previous Location: Philippines

Current Location: Cayman Islands
A million thanks to JITS! I did not only find a job but I have also gained a lot of friends. These guys at assisted me every step of the way. So, for those of you out there who are new to this site, JITS will NEVER FAIL YOU. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.... See you all in Cayman Islands.

I salute you.

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