About Us

JobintheSun Inc, is a Caribbean company that has rapidly become the leading global online resource for people wanting to relocate to a warmer climate. Our registered offices are right here in the Caribbean, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In addition, we boast a network of dedicated support staff located throughout the other islands. That is why more and more Caribbean Employers and Recruiters are now looking to JobintheSun to help fill their positions. We are listed in the isoosi web directory in the Caribbean Employment category of the website directory.

Employers require a reliable, efficient service and more than anything..... professionalism. That is what they get.....

As a highly skilled organization we aim to "add value" to their companies and help them recruit the best there is........

Whatever the career, the Job Seeker individuals who use our site all have one common aim...... change !

From highly qualified Engineers to Bank Managers, from Hoteliers to Bar Staff, from Nurses to Pilots.......the range of career-minded people who currently utilize our innovative Job Match System (JMS) is endless.....

Why are they using us ? Dont just listen to us.... listen to them.... in the Forum and Chat Rooms...here.

If you're motivated enough to try and make the change, we will do our best to facilitate that change!

For Job Seekers :
  • Post your Resume into the databank where it will be viewed by thousands of companies.

  • Easily update your Resume, Personal Information and Contact Details in the interactive databank system.

  • Members enter into the innovative Job Match System and will be instantly pinpointed for suitable jobs in the online databank.

  • Utilize the easy to use Search Agent........search for potential jobs by Location / Profession or Salary.

  • Many of the jobs listed can be applied to online with the "Click and Go" system. If you are reviewing a job that you are interested in applying to, with one click of the mouse, your Resume and contact information will be sent automatically to the point of contact for the vacancy and saved.

  • Discuss possibilities with our staff, potential openings with recruiters or strategies with other Job Seekers on the JobintheSun.com Bulletin Board or Live Chat Room.

  • Job-Seekers have the additional option to save Vacancy information for future use.

  • Privacy options are available to all users in all sections of the site.

  • Use the Research on the Web for your Relocation Information and Destination Guide.
For Employers / Recruiters :
  • Post your Company Profile and Details into the database for potential recruits to view.

  • When a vacancy arises - easily post this in the system. Easily updated and amended too.

  • Employers are able to archive jobs, so that they are not searchable by job seekers, and then re-activate the job as necessary without creating a new job listing.

  • Easy to use Search Agent........search candidates by qualification / profession / skills. Resume / Skill-set screening, routing and searching options.

  • "Click and Go" system for Employers & Recruiters. If you are reviewing a Job Seeker that you are interested in, with one click of the mouse, the Job Listing and your contact information will be automatically sent to the Job Seeker and saved.

  • Privacy options are available to all users in all sections of the site
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